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Hey, heyyyy!!! What's up?! My name's Chloe, as you've most definitely seen all over this website & I'm so thrilled you're here!

Some random tidbits about me, I started Chloe Dalton Photos when I was 20 (I'm currently 25) and it's been my life ever since! I have the sweetest kitty, Sprout and I'm a Pisces, which simply means I was born in March and I cry at any and everything. I drink iced coffees, vanilla lattes specifically, like they're water & live for a good editing session at a local coffee shop. I love serving families and couples from all over the upstate and the world during the day, and taking allll the concert photos at night (I'm like if Batman was a photographer!). When I'm not taking photos, you can find me hopping in a car with my friends to go on a road trip or shopping at my favorite thrift store!

I adore making new friends & can't wait to become yours! Whether you're getting your senior portraits done, having a photoshoot with your S.O., putting on a show with your band, or marrying your partner, I will be there to cheer you on, wipe your tears, laugh till our stomachs hurt, and everything in between! Send me a note and let's get this party started!!! 


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Basic, I KNOW, but I really do love it!
Some of my favorite places I've visited are the Grand Canyon, St. Thomas, NYC, and Postitano, Italy!
Also, yes, I used to blond, still trying to decide if it was more fun or not.



I love going to a good concert, but I especially love photographing them! I'm a house photographer at a local venue & actually won Best Music Photographer 2023 at the Upstate Music Awards. Concerts have always brought me joy, so to be able to capture them and share it with others is definitely one of the best parts of my job!



Well, I say "fashion" lightly, let's just say I love to go thrifting. Basically every outfit you see me in has at least one thrifted item.
I think what you wear has a lot to say about who you are, and I am here to make a statement!
OMG I'm so cheesy...


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